Why Is My Printer Printing Blank Pages?

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3 min readFeb 25, 2021
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What if your printer suddenly starts printing blank pages? Well, the first thing you will do is to check the ink cartridges and refill them as per the requirement. But this is not the only reason your printer is printing blank pages.

The other possible reasons are empty ink cartridges, improper installation of cartridge installation, and congested nozzles as well. And sometimes the issue arises due to problems in driver a software of printer.

In situation like these you can always take the help of professionals by calling on toll-free numbers such as — +1–877–894–5316. You can also search for Printer Parts Repair near me and get the best help that too quick.

Before wasting more time let’s move forward and know more about the solutions if this problem is encountered.

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Solution 1: Restarting Your Printer –

Hit the power button of your printer.

Now wait for sometime so that your printer can become idle and silent.

You have to unplug all the power cables from the printer and from the main power source outlet present there.

Wait for around 10 minutes and then plug back all the cords back into your printer and main power source.

Now, turn on your printer and try printing your documents.

If the error still persists then move on to next step or call for an expert by searching for Printer Repair Westminster.

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Solution 2: Fixing Ink Cartridge Issues -

  • You have to check the levels of ink or toner cartridge on your printer. If required you can replace them with the new ones.
  • Also, you must remove the cartridges and check for the damaged cartridges if any.
  • You also have to be sure that all the cartridges are properly installed.
  • The final part is you have to check whether the nozzles are blocked or not. If nozzles are blocked then you have to check in your device for the option ‘Print Head Nozzle Check’. You have to select this option and it will clear the nozzles automatically.

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Solution 3: Updating Your Printer Driver -

If you have Printer Driver Issue then you need to update your printer driver you can either download or install it manually or you can use a tool such as driver scan and install it. Such tools help you in selecting the right printer driver for you and will install and update it for you.

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Solution 4: Running the Troubleshooter for Your Printer –

  • You have to launch the settings app just by pressing the Windows key +I on your keyboard.
  • And, once you open the settings app you have to click on update and security option.
  • You have to move to the left-pane menu and click on the troubleshoot option.
  • And, now you have to move to the right-pane and select printer.
  • Now, click on the troubleshooter.
  • The troubleshooter will identify and fix the printer issues.
  • Now you can try printing a test document.

If you still have some queries or doubts feel free to contact the toll-free number +1–877–894–5316. And you can also search for the best Printer Repair services in Westminster.

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