Why is my HP Printer not Being Found?

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3 min readFeb 16, 2021

Most of us, HP users have seen the error printer can’t be found. And the important question is why can’t my printer be found? Well, the answer is easy. You are not able to find your printer because there is some technical issue going on. The reasons are many but all you have to do is keep calm and read this article to understand how to handle these errors or situations?

According to Printer Repair in Charleston — The primary reasons behind your printer being not found are as follows:

· Connectivity problem with PC, Router, or Printer.

· Check printing settings on the android device.

· Or other minor errors like paper jamming, faulty printer driver, etc.

Without wasting even, a second let’s move on and learn more about the solutions to resolve this printer not found error.

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Let’s roll up and start,

Step 1: Restart Every Machine — printer, router, and mobile device -

· You have to restart the printer, router and mobile device to clear network and hardware error.

· Now, check if printer us available after research each device.

· You have to turn off the printer and turn it on again.

· You have to detach the power cables from the router.

· Wait for 10–20 seconds.

· You have to reattach all the cables back into the router and wait for internet connection to complete.

· Now, turn your phone or tablet and again switch it off.

If you still see the error then you can continue to next step.

Step 2: Check Network Connection -

Your printer and your android device are connected over the same network.

Wi-Fi is on. Status showing connected for your local wireless network.

For Printer with touchscreen control panel: You have to touch the wireless icon and open the network settings or setup menu to check the network connection status.

For Printers without a touchscreen control panel: You have to hit the wireless and information button at the same time or you can press the wireless and start copy black buttons simultaneously.

Now, perform the following steps depending on the connection status:

If your printer is connected you must try to print and if not, error persists then you might have to check the android device settings.

You have to move the printer close to the router for a better connectivity.

For Printers with a touchscreen control panel: You have to open the printer Setup, Network, or Wireless menu, and you can select the Wireless Setup Wizard to connect printer to your network.

For Printers without a touchscreen control panel: You have to press and hold the WPS button on the router till the process of connection begins. And, once the connection is complete the wireless light will stop flashing when the connection completes.

You can move onto next step or you can contact the toll-free number +1–877–894–5316. You can also search for the Printer Repair services in Charleston or Printer Repair services in Denver.

Step 3: Printing Settings and Android Device Status -

· You have to make sure that printing is enabled and printer spooler is clear.

· And, on your android device you have to open the settings and connect devices or connections and then tap printing.

· You have to confirm HP print service listed with the status is on.

· Now, tap add service if your print service is not listed just to install it.

· You can now return to settings and select applications in your android device.

· Now select the show system apps from the more menus.

· You have to select the printer spooler or tap on the storage then select print spooler.

· Now, hit the clear data or force stop button.

· You can now restart your device.



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