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4 min readFeb 19, 2021

There are many reasons a HP printer can have problems even though it is amazing. The errors can take place in any brand printer. But today we have mentioned the most basic 8 problems of every HP inkjet printer problems and solutions they encounter in their lifetime.

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Here, let’s start,

1. Paper Jams –

Make sure to check the inside and outside paper trays for removing the chunks and bits of paper. Also, you have to clean the debris collected over the time with the combination of dirt and other foreign particles.

2. Some of the printing on the page is faded –

There are three conditions responsible behind a faded print: There is low toner cartridge quantity left. The other is that printing density is set too low. And another one is when Eco mode is turned on. Thus, check all these three and resolve it.

3. Toner smears or does not stay on the paper -

In case the text and images come off from the paper just by running your hand across the paper then this is because of the smearing problem of toner. It is also possible that the fuser assembly is damaged or its life ended. You must replace the fuser assembly. The second way that your toner cartridge is affected or letting too much toner out on the sheet at a time. You must check your ink cartridge and replace them with the new ones as early as possible.

4. Printer Driver not found for particular operating system –

Since, new operating systems are released from time to time and new drivers must need to load for the existing printers as well. Because, all the printer driver must be compatible with the OS as well. Thus, the best way to check the compatibility of your printer is to check it manually.

5. Printer is not printing from the Expected Paper Tray –

If your printer is not picking up papers from the expected paper tray then to correct the same error you have to look into two places. The first way to look is to check the printing PC and second on the printer. If the application is set to print to wrong paper tray then correct it within the application by clicking on the printer properties and also to find the source of tray selection.

The other way to look around is to check the paper sizes in the control panel match and what is rally present in the paper trays.

6. Printer Picking up Paper from Manual Feed –

When your printer starts picking up the papers from manual feed then the pad is worn out and is solely responsible for this error. You will have to change it with the new one. You just have to order it and install a new one. The other possibility for this error is that the pad is wet due to humidity.

7. Problem of a 79 Error -

The primary reason behind HP printer error code 79 is due to network print server that services the printer. And, to troubleshoot this error you have to follow the following steps:

· The first step is to open the printer folder from the start menu.

· Make sure that there are no pending printing jobs.

Another reason behind 79 error is due to indication of a failure of printer add on component. To remove this error all the add-ons should be removed and then added back to the printer. Follow this process one by one to check which module is faulty.

8. Trouble Printing onto Envelopes –

When we are talking about the laser printer and envelopes then there can be many problems caused by envelopes in the laser printer. Thus, there are some measures that you have to take to avoid such errors. So, you have to make sure that envelopes are about 20-lb paper in weight and thickness.

Another thing you must be ensure of is that the adhesive you use on the envelopes can withstand the heat used by the fuser to keep printing on the page. If this is not happening then there are high chances that envelopes will come out of the printer already sealed.

In case, the printers are coming out of printer as wrinkled then there are chances that they are too stiff for the paper path. To resolve this, you have to open the rear of the printer and let them exit at the location instead.

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