How to Uninstall HP Print And Scan Doctor?

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3 min readFeb 26, 2021

Whenever we face errors in HP printer the first and easiest way, we pick is to download the HP print and Scan Doctor.

Before we move forward, we must learn what are HP Print and Scan Doctor exactly?

The HP Print and Scan Doctor for Windows PC is a free printer and scanner diagnostic tool which helps you to solve all the common printing and scanning issues present in HP printers/scanners.

This software works for all the Windows versions such as — Windows 10, Windows 7, etc. As informed, you in above lines it is a first thing which will help you resolving the HP printer issues.

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For example, here we have mentioned the problems solved by HP Print and Scan Doctor in Windows 10:

· It helps in resolving the error of corrupt/misconfigured HP printer driver

· It will also clear the scanning error messages

· Printer’s offline issues

· Problem of missing printer drivers

· Printing jobs stuck in the printer queue

· Connectivity issues

· And, firewall issues

Now, we all know what this software can do but the main problem is many of the HP printer avid users don’t know how to uninstall or delete HP Print and Scan Doctor.

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So, in this blog, we will help you in uninstalling or deleting it.

Also, if you have further questions or doubts about anything relate dot printer then you can contact us on the toll-free number +1–877–894–5316. The other way around is you can search for the Printer Repair in Sandy Springs.

So, How to Delete HP Print and Scan Doctor?

The easiest way is:

· You have to navigate to the program’s current file location.

· You have to right-click on the HP print and Scan Doctor icon.

· You have to choose the open file location.

· Now, you can click on delete.

Method 1: Use an uninstaller software -

To uninstall the HP Print and Scan Doctor you might have to use a uninstalling tool to remove it from your PC. For example, we are using Revo Uninstaller app.

Here are the steps to run the Revo Uninstaller:

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· You have to run a system scan to discover potential errors.

· Then you have to download the restore app.

· You have to click on start scan to find Windows issues.

· Then you have to click on the repair all to fix with patented technologies.

· You have to run a scan with Restore repair tool to find errors which can cause security problems in your system.

· Once the scan is complete the repairing process will replace the damaged files with Windows files.

This tool is paid and can cost you approx $25.

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Method 2: Keep your app updated –

There are chances that when you instantly installed HP Print and Scan Doctor you might get the prompt on your screen to uninstall it.

It is an important step if the intelligent program has detected the existing issue which can only deleted by updating the current program files.

For example — You might have to reinstall it when you have a missing or outdated printer driver.

If your issue is still not resolved then you can search for the nearest Printer Repair in Milford.

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